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Chinese Scholars¡® Delegation Spreads Tibetan Culture in Chile
Release time£º2010-11-03 14:15 Source£º

Thevisit of Chinese scholars specialized in Tibetan studies has great significanceas it provided an opportunity for Chileans to know better about Tibet, directorof the delegation said Tuesday.

HaoShiyuan, who is also the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Academy ofSocial Sciences, said most scholars of his delegation come from Tibet.

JoaquinMontes, director for the Asia-Pacific Department of the Chilean ForeignMinistry, said the Chinese scholars introduced a modern Tibet to Chileans in avivid and comprehensible way and enhanced their understanding about the region.

TheChinese scholars have held seminars on the history, culture and economicdevelopment of Tibet at the Presidential Palace, the Foreign Ministry anduniversities in Chile.

Thedelegation, which arrived in Chile on Monday, has visited Mexico and isscheduled to visit the Chilean parliament.