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Chilean president-elect meets Chinese special envoy
Release time£º2010-11-05 10:24 Source£º

ChileanPresident-elect Sebastian Pinera (R) shakes hands with Yin Weimin, Minister ofHuman Resources and Social Security of China and the special envoy for theupcoming presidential inauguration, in Santiago, Capital of Chile, Mar. 10,2010.

SebastianPinera, who is to take office as Chile¡®s president on Thursday, met with YinWeimin, China¡®s human resources and social security minister, on Wednesday.

Yin,who will represent China at Pinera¡®s Thursday inauguration ceremony, told mediahe had a friendly meeting with Pinera, to whom he conveyed the warm greetingsand best wishes from Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. Healso conveyed the deepest condolences and solidarity of the Chinese people andgovernment "for the serious earthquake that this noble nation hassuffered."

Hesaid that the two sides had reviewed "the steady development of friendlyrelations" over the past 40 years, and discussed how to further promotebilateral links.

"Weagreed on the need to further consolidate political links, to develop neweconomic and trade cooperation projects, and to make more effort in culturalexchange," Yin said.

Pinerawon the second round of presidential elections on Jan. 17, defeating formerpresident Eduardo Frei. He will replace President Michelle Bachelet, whorepresents the same coalition as Frei, the Concertation.

ChinesePresident Hu was among the first world leaders to express solidarity with Chileafter the Feb. 27 8.8-magnitude earthquake that killed some 500 people andcaused property damage worth millions of dollars. In his message, Hu alsoexpressed China ¡®s readiness to send aid to the South America nation for quakerelief.

Lastweek, China sent in an aircraft carrying 2 million dollars worth of aidmaterial, including 700 tents, 10,000 blankets, 100 portable electricitygenerators and two water purification units.

Tradebetween Chile and China reached over 17.4 billion dollars in 2009, thanks to afree trade agreement that came into force in 2006. China is Chile¡®s largesttrade partner and a main consumer of the country¡®s copper exports.