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Chinese Vice Premier meets foreign guests in Shanghai ahead
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ChineseVice Premier Li Keqiang (R Front) meets with Greek Deputy Prime MinisterTheodoros Pangalos (L Front) in Shanghai, east China, on April 30, 2010.

ChineseVice Premier Li Keqiang met with foreign guests from Greece and Chile onseparate occasions on Friday ahead of the 2010 World Expo opening in Shanghai.

GreekDeputy Primer Minister Theodoros Pangalos and Chile former President MichelleBachelet Jeria arrived in Shanghai to attend the opening ceremony of the Expoin the evening.

Duringthe meeting with Pangalos, Li thanked the Greek government for sendingcondolences to the victims in the April 14 earthquake in northwest China¡®sQinghai Province.

Lisaid he hoped Greece would showcase its historic glory, modern achievements andfuture aspirations at the Expo.

Pangalosconveyed the wishes of Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou to the Chinese governmentand its people. Papandreou failed to attend the opening ceremony due to seriouseconomic conditions in Greece

Duringthe meeting with Bachelet, Li said Bachelet had made great contributions inpromoting bilateral ties of the two countries as well as Chile¡®s participationin the Expo.

Lialso recalled Bachelet¡®s visit as then Chile president to the Chile Pavilionlast year.

Bacheletthanked China¡®s invitation and wished the Expo a complete success.

Thesix-month event, for the first time held in a developing country, is expectedto attract 70 million visitors from home and abroad.