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China Congratulates Chile on Successful Rescue of All Trappe
Release time£º2010-11-05 10:51 Source£º

ChinaThursday congratulated Chile on its successful rescue of 33 miners trappedunderground for more than two months.

"Weare pleased to see the success of the rescue mission," Foreign Ministryspokesman Ma Zhaoxu told a regular briefing Thursday.

Theminers¡® ordeal began on Aug. 5 when a huge rockfall blocked the mine exit.

"Wecongratulate the rescuers and wish all the miners a speedy recovery," Masaid.

Manoted that China-made machinery and equipment was used in the rescue and thatsome Chinese companies even sent staff to Chile to help in the rescueoperations.

"Weare happy China played a part in the rescue," Ma said.