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China open to any mechanism conducive to Asia-Pacific economic integration
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BEIJING, Oct. 8-- China is open to any mechanism thatfollows the rules of the World Trade Organization and can boost the economicintegration of the Asia-Pacific region, said a Foreign Ministry spokesperson onThursday.

"China maintains that the mechanism should beconducive to strengthening multilateral trade system, pushing forward the DohaRound talks and global development agenda," said spokesperson Hua Chunyingat a regular press briefing.

Hua said given the difference in economic development ofAsia-Pacific countries, China believes those concerned should jointly push thebuilding of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area, and various trade mechanismsshould complement each other.

China is committed to boosting the process of the FTA ofAsia Pacific together with other parties in the region, to boost healthy globaleconomic growth, she added.