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Chile, Pacific Alliance to seek greater cooperation with China: Pinera
Release time£º2013-04-10 13:52 Source£º

Chile and the regional bloc of PacificAlliance will seek to expand cooperation with China, Chilean PresidentSebastian Pinera said Wednesday.China is entering a new stage, which opens anew chapter of cooperation between China and Chile and between China and thePacific Alliance, Pinera told foreign journalists.

Pinera recalled the visit of Xi Jinping to Chile in his capacity as vicepresident in June 2011, during which leaders of the two countries agreed todeepen economic cooperation and promote investment.China and Chile formedeconomic ties more than 40 years ago, and China has become a major tradingpartner of Chile, said Pinera.

As for the Pacific Alliance created in 2012 to deeply integrate their economiesand develop new trade links with the Asia-Pacific region, Pinera said the blocis looking for better cooperation with China.The four bloc members -- Chile,Colombia, Mexico and Peru -- represent the most dynamic economies in LatinAmerica, whose combined GDP accounts for 35 percent of the region¡®s wholeoutput.Leaders of the alliance members will sign an agreement at their nextsummit in Cali, Colombia on May 23, to facilitate trade among the four nations,said Pinera.