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The Import and Export Volume of China in the First 2 Months in 2013 Reached 3.83 Trillion, with Year-on-Year Growth of 14.2%
Release time£º2013-04-10 13:57 Source£º

Recently, China¡®s General Administrationof Customs announced China¡¯s import and export data in the first 2 months ofthis year. From January to February in 2013, China¡¯s total volume of foreigntrade reached 3.83 trillion RMB ($609.31 billion), with year-on-year growth of14.2%. The export volume was 2.05 trillion RMB ($3267.3), with an increase of23.6%; import volume was 1.78 trillion RMB ($282.58 million), with an increaseof 5%.