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China-Chile FTA on Service Trade Implemented
Release time£º2010-11-03 14:13 Source£º

The Supplementary Agreement on SeriveTrade to the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of the People¡¯sRepublic of China and the Government of the Republic of Chile (China-Chile FTAon Service Trade) implemented on August 1, 2010.

China and Chile signed the SupplementaryAgreement on April 13, 2008. According to the agreement, China¡¯s 23 sectors andsub-sectors, including service in sector of computer, management andconsulting, real estate, mining, environment, sports and air transport, andChili¡¯s 37 sectors and sub-sectors, including service in sector of legalservice, construction and architecture, engineering, computer, R&D, realestate, advertisement, management and consulting, mining, manufacturing,leasing, distribution, education, environment, tourism, sports and airtransport will further be opened up to each other under the WTO commitments.

The implementation of the agreement willfurther open up their own services market to each other, increase complementaryadvantages, and promote international competitiveness, and help improve theinvestment environments, create business opportunities, reduce trading cost andbring more benefits to the enterprises and people of the two countries. It willhelp boost an all-round cooperation in all sectors between the two countries,broaden the cooperative areas and improve cooperative level for developing acomprehensive cooperative partnership.

China and Chile have maintained a soundand stable bilateral relationship since the establishment of diplomaticrelations in 1970. On November 18, 2005, witnessed by Chinese President HuJintao and Former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, the two sides signedChina-Chile FTA (Mainly on Trade in Goods) which entered into force on October1, 2006.