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Ambassador: China wants to boost mutual investment with Chile
Release time£º2010-11-03 14:14 Source£º

China attaches great importance toeconomic cooperation with Chile and is committed to boosting mutual investmentbetween the two countries, the Chinese ambassador to Chile has said.

Speaking at Chile¡®s national steelconference on Friday, Lu Fan said there was a severe lack of mutual investmentbetween China and Chile despite an increase in bilateral trade volumes inrecent years.

The trade volume between China and Chilereached 17.42 billion U.S. dollars in 2009, during which Chilean exportsincreased by 31 percent year on year, and this year trade continued to grow, Lusaid.

In the first half of this year,bilateral trade reached 10.9 billion dollars, an increase of 58.9 percentcompared with the same period of 2009, and Chilean exports amounted to 7.65billion dollars, he said.

"This has further strengthenedChina¡®s position as the leading trading partner of Chile. At the same time,bilateral trade continues to diversify. In addition to copper and other mineralproducts, exports of wine, fruit and meat products have also gained rapiddevelopment," he said.

However, there is "a severe lack ofmutual investment between the two countries," the Chinese ambassador said.

The Chinese government encouraged andfacilitated its enterprises to invest in the South American country to furtherdevelop economic cooperation, he said.

The Supplementary Agreement on Trade inServices of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Chile took effect onAug. 1, and negotiations are underway on a supplementary agreement oninvestment.