Introduction of ChinaSourcing Summit
Release time:2015-12-02 09:16 Source:中国国际投资促进会

ChinaSourcingSummit (hereinafter referred to as “the Summit”), co-sponsored by the Ministryof Commerce of P. R. C. and Hangzhou Municipal Government, organized by ChinaCouncil for International Investment Promotion (hereinafter referred to asCCIIP), Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou MunicipalCommission of Commerce, is targeted to evolve into a major IT servicesoutsourcing trading platform in Asian regions.

Inorder to foster the Summit into an internationalized event enjoying equal fameas Gartner Outsourcing & Strategic Partnerships Summit and NASSCOM IndiaLeadership Forum, taking into consideration the opinions from most serviceoutsourcing demonstration cities, the hosting term of each city will changefrom one year into three years from 2012. Currently, the Summit has beensuccessfully held for six years in Chengdu and Hangzhou. By playing activeroles in pooling IT service outsourcing resources in both China and foreigncountries, enhancing exchanges and cooperation between services providers andbuyers of China and abroad, and promoting the national brand of“ChinaSourcing”, the Summit is becoming increasingly influential within ITservice outsourcing industry.

ChinaSourcingSummit 2015 will be held on 24-25 September. With the theme of “Internet Plus:

DrivingBusiness Value via Digitalization”, the Summit 2015 will continue to go moreprofessional, international and market-oriented, including the Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum, 8Industry-oriented Seminars, 4 Business Networking and 3 Training Activities.

TheGlobal Service Outsourcing Industry Forum isto gather global distinguished ITO\BPO\BPO analysts, high-levels of leading SPsand qualified buyersto discuss the global IT serviceoutsourcing trends wide and deep; Industry-orientedSeminarsinclude current hottest issues such as smart health, intelligent manufacturing,internet financial services, cross-border E-commerce, business of cloudcomputing, Japanese-oriented market,telecommunication services and talents training; Business Networking coversOne-on-one Buyer-SP Business Appointment, SP Case-study, Buyers Roundtable(Invited Only) and VIP Business Networking Lunch/Dinner; 3 Training Activitiesrefer to public analyst workshops, closed best practice workshops andone-on-one analyst meeting. Furthermore, the Release Ceremony for Report onChina’s Leading Service Providers and Growing Service Providers 2015 will beheld during the Summit.

Onthe occasion, delegates from China’s leading service providers, demonstrationcities and industrial parks will be invited to attend the event, seeking forcooperation with competitive buyers from Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asiaand the rest of the world, as well as senior executives in charge of ITbusiness from large China companies.