Wisco Heavy Rail moves into Sierra Leone
Release time£º2012-03-26 00:00 Source£ºWisco news

Recently, 12 thousand tons of high quality heavy rails made by the Heavy Section Branch of Wisco Bar Integral Plant have set sail from Honggangcheng dock, in Qingshan District where Wisco headquarters locates. The goods are descending towards the South China Sea via Shanghai city, rushing across vast Indian Ocean, breaking through Cape of Good Hope accompanying by surging waves, and heading for the Republic of Sierra Leone in West Africa. It indicates that Wisco heavy rail has realized the historical new leapfrog of “Walk Out” to explore overseas markets.

Selling heavy rail from home to abroad is meaning special for Wisco. Suffered from slowing down by high-speed railroading projects, domestic heavy rail market has been presenting a very sluggish demand situation since last year, four key heavy rail manufacturers such as Panzhihua Steel, Anshan Steel are all hunger for production orders,. To adapt to this severe market change, Wisco units including Bar Integral Plant, Marketing Company, and R&D Center gear together, proactively opening up channels to expand market for heavy rail marketing, and at the same time, strongly carrying out “synergy on production-marketing-research” with developing new section steel as steel sheet pile and cutting board steel and so on, to cope with wintry steel market by means of hypernormal measures.

At the end of last year, it was learnt that a mining company in Republic of Sierra Leone was constructing a special freight railway line. Then, Wisco Bar Integral Plant, Marketing Company and R&D Center worked together closely, proactively discussed with China Railway Material Company Limited, in partnership with Sierra Leone mining company, about heavy rail supply agreement. Through many rounds of tough negotiations and biddings, Wisco won contract of 12 thousand tons of heavy rails by superior product quality and relatively convenient geographical position.