International cooperation of Xinxing Cathy Group has been written into China-Mexico Joint Statement
Release time£º2013-06-20 00:00 Source£ºXinxing Cathy International Group Co.,Ltd

China and Mexico signed a joint statement when President Xi Jinping visited to Mexico. The cooperative purpose of Xinxing Cathy International Group Co.,Ltd and Petroleos Mexicanos, commonly known as PEMEX, was written into the joint statement as important content. This event marks that the Group’s strategy of Going Global has stepped into a new stage.

Article 22 of the joint statement points out that PEMEX has signed agreements with Xinxing Cathy International Group Co.,Ltd, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) as well as other Chinese enterprises. Experience exchanges and cooperation in the field of energy between the two countries is becoming more and more closely, which get the satisfaction of the leaders of the two countries. Meanwhile, both sides hope that the above agreements can promote bilateral trade relationship, encourage the contact between enterprises, enhance the development in the field of energy and create employment opportunity.